1. Ballot and Instructions . Each envelope will include a ballot and instructions to the voter. The label on the reverse side of the return envelope will also contain a code to help identify the voter and expedite the verification process.
  • Mailing Period . At least 2-1/2 weeks will be allotted for the voters to receive and return their ballots. This permits an adequate time for delivery and return of initial, as well as secondary ballots.
  • Phone Calls . At least one Division employee will be available to answer phone calls about the election at all times during the mail­ing period.

4. Color-Coded Lists. There will be two color-coded lists (with corresponding mailing labels) on which most callers' names, addresses, and I.D. #'s (if applicable) will be recorded.

RED for employees who are on the eligibility list but who did not receive a ballot, or whose ballot was destroyed.

GREEN for individuals who are not on the eligibility list, but who believe that they are eligible to vote.

At the end of each day, ballots will be sent to the people on the list, with a copy of the list, and color of the label, sent to the parties.