Absent any dispute or other impediment to conducting an election, the Division agent prepares a consent election agreement for the parties to execute. See 456 CMR 14.11. The agreement includes the following information:

1) The full and correct names of parties involved, as well as the manner in which the parties wish to be designated on the ballot.

2) A complete and accurate description of the bargaining unit, describing clearly all positions to be included and excluded. All unit descriptions will contain statutory exclusions of managerial and confidential employees. The Division generally does not approve units that include employees according to the number of hours they work. Therefore, unit descriptions include the language "all full time and regular part-time employees…"

3) The precise location for the election (Building, room, floor, etc).

4) The hours the polls will be open

5) The date and day of the election

6) The order in which the parties will appear on the ballot

7) The question that will be on the ballot, if professionals will be involved.

8) The date that employees must be on the payroll in order to be eligible to vote

9) The date for receiving the election eligibility list

10)Any other pertinent information necessary to draft the Notice of Election, prepare ballots or conduct the election.