The term "showing of interest" means the percentage of employees in a proposed bargaining unit or a unit deemed to be appropriate. 456 CMR 11.05. The showing of interest can be in the form of individual cards or a petition individually signed and dated by the employees, authorizing the named employee organization to represent them for the purpose of collective bargaining or seeking to decertify the incumbent employee organization. Any such cards or petitions must be signed and individually dated by employees within six months of the filing of a petition. 456 CMR 11.05. It is helpful if the name of the person is also printed so that the signature may be readily recognizable. If a valid showing is not filed, the Office of the Executive Secretary notifies the petitioner that it has seven (7) days to provide an additional showing of interest. However, this 7-day notice does not trigger an extension of the open period. If a sufficient showing of interest is not timely filed, the Division may dismiss the petition.456 CMR 14.05 (3).

1.4.1 Petitioner

A petitioner seeking to represent a proposed bargaining unit of employees who are not currently represented must submit a showing of interest of thirty per cent (30%). 456 CMR 14.05(1). However, a petitioner seeking to represent a proposed bargaining unit of employees who are in an existing bargaining unit or to decertify the exclusive bargaining representative must submit a showing of interest of fifty per cent (50%). 456 CMR 14.05(2).

1.4.2 Intervenor

Any employee organization that wishes to intervene in a pending representation case must file a Motion to Intervene within thirty (30) from the date of the Division's Notice of Hearing and submit a ten percent (10%) showing of interest before the Division will permit it to intervene. 456 CMR 14.05(3) and 14.18. However, if the employee organization currently represents the petitioned-for bargaining unit, it need not file a showing of interest with its Motion to Intervene. 456 CMR 14.05(3). See also, Section 1.9. Unless the parties agree and the Division is satisfied that there is good cause for late intervention, the Division does allow any party to intervene after the printing of the ballots.