1.5 Challenging the Showing of Interest

A party may challenge the sufficiency of the showing of interest and request that it be validated. No party has the right to have the Division check the showing of interest, and the determination of the validity of a showing of interest is an administrative matter that the parties cannot litigate. See, Duxbury School Committee, 1 MLC 1020, 1021 (1974); Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 10 MLC 1557, 1559 (1984). If the Division is requested to check the showing of interest, it may require the employer to submit a payroll or personnel list to assist it in verifying the names and addresses of the employees identified in the showing of interest. 456 CMR 14.05(3).

1.5.1 Confidentiality of the Showing of Interest

The number of authorization cards or names on a petition and the identity of the employees who have signed cards or a petition are confidential. The showing of interest will be returned to the petitioner and intervenors immediately upon certification, or if an R case is closed or withdrawn for any reason.