• ARB-12-1944 Arbitration Award  pdf format of ARB-12-1944 Arbitration Award

    City of Fall River and AFSCME, COUNCIL 93, AFL-CIO

    ARB-12-1944  ARBITRATION DECISION City of Fall River and AFSCME, COUNCIL 93, AFL-CIO (February 3, 2014) On June 19, 2012, AFSCME, Council 93, AFL-CIO (Union) filed a unilateral petition for Arbitration with the Department of Labor Relations (Department). Under the provisions of M.G.L., Chapter 23, Section 9P, the Department appointed Nicholas Chalupa, Esq., to act as a single neutral arbitrator with the full power of the Department

  • CAS-11-1442, CAS Decision  pdf format of CAS-11-1442, CAS Decision

    CAS-11-1442 CAS DECISION 

    Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department/Association of County Employees, February 21, 2014.   The Association of County Employees (ACE) filed this petition seeking to accrete two titles to its bargaining unit of employees at Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department (Sheriff’s Department): Part-time Deputy Sheriffs performing work as 1) Immigration and Custom Enforcement: Service (ICE) transportation officers; and 2)  Assistant Fleet Supervisor.  ACE contends that these titles share a community of interest with its existing bargaining unit and are otherwise appropriately accreted into its unit under the traditional three-step accretion analysis. 

  • MUP-12-1508 H.O. Decision  pdf format of MUP-12-1508 H.O. Decision

    MUP-12-1508 H.O DECISION 

    Fall River School Committee and Fall River’s Educators Association/MTA/NEA (February 28, 2014) The issue in this case is whether the Fall River School Committee (Committee or Employer) engaged in regressive bargaining in violation of Sections 10(a)(5) and, derivatively, Section 10(a)(1) of Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 150E (the Law) by withdrawing a proposal that instructional make-up days be scheduled for five Saturdays during the 2011-2012 academic year, be held as half-days instead of full-days.  I find that the Employer engaged in regressive bargaining when it withdrew a proposal to schedule instructional make-up days as half-days on five Saturdays during the 2011-2012 academic year, in violation of the Law. 

  • SUP-08-5453 CERB Decision  pdf format of SUP-08-5453 CERB Decision

    Board of Higher Education and AFSCME, Council 93, AFL-CIO, Local 1067


    SUP-08-5453 C.E.R.B. Decision  

    Board of Higher Education and AFSCME, Council 93, AFL-CIO, Local 1067 (February 14, 2014).  The Board of Higher Education appeals from a Hearing Officer decision holding that it violated its duty to bargain in good faith by failing to bargain over the impacts of its decision to transfer bargaining unit work outside of the bargaining unit.  For the reasons set forth below, the Commonwealth Employment Relations Board affirms the decision but modifies the remedy to comport with the impact bargaining obligation found here.