An Asbestos Contractor or operator of an Asbestos Response Action shall notify the Director before engaging in any Asbestos Response Action which involves more than three linear feet of asbestos on or in pipes, ducts or wires or more than three square feet of asbestos on or in structures or components other than pipes, ducts or wires. Notification shall be on forms jointly prescribed by the Director and the Department of Environmental Protection. Notification shall be postmarked, hand-delivered or Faxed at least ten days before the project start date, or, in the case of an Emergency Project, within one working day after the project start date. Fulfillment of the notification requirements of 453 CMR 6.12 shall not relieve the Asbestos Contractor, operator of the project or facility owner of the responsibility for making written notification as may be required by any other municipality, agency of the Commonwealth, or any agency of the federal government.