(1) Maintenance, Submission and Retention of Records. Certified Training Providers, Asbestos Contractors, Asbestos Analytical Services, Asbestos Consultants and employers of Asbestos Associated Project Workers shall maintain the records as indicated at 453 CMR 6.11(2) through (6) and make said records available to the Director upon request. Entities whose principal place of business is outside of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts shall provide photocopies of such records or documents within ten business days of receipt of a written request from the Director.

Records and documents required to be kept by 453 CMR 6.11 shall be retained for a period of 30 years from the date of project or activity completion, except that records required to be kept by 453 CMR 6.11(2) shall be kept for a period of at least 15 years. Entities or persons ceasing to do business, or relocating the principal place of business shall so notify the Director in writing within 30 days of such event. The Director, on receipt of such notification may instruct that the records be surrendered to the Department, or may specify a repository for such records. The entity or person shall comply with the Director's instructions within 60 days.

(2) Certified Training Providers. Certified Training Providers shall maintain the following records:

(a) Copies of all written materials required to be submitted with the application for certification and course approval by 453 6.09(1).

(b) Copies of all pre-course notifications required to be filed by 453 CMR 6.09(3)(a) with applicable course agendas.

(c) Copies of all post-course notifications required by 453 CMR 6.09(3)(g), including the name, address, telephone number, Social Security Identification Number and final examination score of each person who completed each course.

(d) A copy of the certificate of completion of each student passing the course.

(e) The name, business address and telephone number of the person(s) who proctored the examinations.

(3) Asbestos Contractors.

(a) Central Location. The following records and documents shall be maintained by Asbestos Contractors at the principal place of business:

1. Copies of all written materials required to be submitted for Asbestos Contractor licensure pursuant to 453 CMR 6.05.

2. Name, address, telephone number and dates of employment or affiliation of every Asbestos Worker and Supervisor employed by or included within the corporate structure of the Asbestos Contractor.

3. Copies of all asbestos training certificates required by 453 CMR 6.10 and all Asbestos Worker and Supervisor/Foreperson certifications issued by the Department pursuant to 453 CMR 6.06 for every Asbestos Worker and Supervisor/ Foreperson employed by or included within the business structure of the Asbestos Contractor.

4. Copies of all notifications made by the Asbestos Contractor pursuant to 453 CMR 6.12.

5. Receipts and documentation of disposal of asbestos waste, showing dates, locations and amounts of asbestos waste disposed, including the identification of the source of the asbestos waste and the transporter (company name or driver name, if an employee of the contractor).

6. Copies of all asbestos analysis and exposure monitoring reports in the possession of the Asbestos Contractor relating to past or present Asbestos Work, including clearance air monitoring reports required by 453 CMR 6.14(5)(b).

7. Copies of all contracts awarded for Asbestos Work.

8. All records and documents required by 29 CFR 1910.134 and 1926.1101 and any other applicable federal, state or local law, regulation or ordinance.

9. Copies of all records required to be maintained on-site by 453 CMR 6.11(3)(b).

(b) On-site. The following records and documents shall be maintained by the Asbestos Contractor at the Asbestos Project worksite for the duration of the project:

1. A current copy of 453 CMR 6.00.

2. A copy of all contract, project design or technical specifications governing the project in the possession of the Asbestos Contractor.

3. A listing of each of the contractors, sub-contractors and consultants on the project.

4. A listing of every employee or person within the business structure of the contractor at the worksite and a legible copy of the Massachusetts certification card of each Asbestos Worker and each Asbestos Supervisor on site.

5. A daily sign-in/out log which includes the printed and signed name and the Massachusetts Asbestos Certification Number (where applicable) of each person who enters the Asbestos Work Area, with the times of entry and exiting.

6. Records of all on-site air monitoring pertaining to the project in the possession of the Asbestos Contractor.

7. A written respirator program which conforms to requirements of 29 CFR 1910.134(b).

(4) Certified Analytical Services. Certified Asbestos Analytical Services shall maintain the following records:

(a) Copies of all documents required for certification pursuant to 453 CMR 6.08, including quality control results.

(b) Records of all analyses performed, including the identity of the sender, the laboratory identification number, the date collected, the location from which the sample was collected and the analytical results.

(c) Persons who perform on-site phase contrast analysis of clearance air monitoring samples and are required to be listed in the Asbestos Analyst Registry(AAR) of the American Industrial Hygiene Association by 453 CMR 6.08(4)(e)4. shall keep photocopies of such listing at each such work site.

(5) Certified Asbestos Consultants. Certified Asbestos Consultants shall maintain all documentation pertaining to inspections, assessments, management plans, project designs sampling, project monitoring, or other asbestos consultation performed by them within the scope of each consultant discipline set forth at 453 CMR 6.07. Said records shall include an identification of the client, the dates and locations of service and the results or conclusions. Logs for completed projects shall be maintained at the consultant's principal place of business. Logs for current projects shall be kept at the asbestos project worksite.

(6) Employers of Asbestos-Associated Project Workers. Employers of Asbestos-Associated Project Workers shall maintain at the place of employment copies of each worker's Associated-Project Worker training certificate issued by a certified Asbestos Traing Provider and any and all documents required to be kept by 29 CFR Part 1926.1101.