DOT Code: 610.381-010, AIMS Code: 0035

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Forges and repairs variety of metal articles, such as tongs, edged tools, hooks, chains, machine and structural components, and agricultural implements as specified by work orders, diagrams, or sample parts: Heats metal stock in blacksmith's forge or furnace. Hammers stock into specified size and shape on blacksmith's anvil or positions stock on anvil of power hammer and depresses pedal to hammer stock with varying force and rapidity. Forge-welds metal parts by heating and hammering them together. Devises jigs and fixtures, forges special handtools, such as hammers or chisels, and sets up form blocks. Tempers or anneals forged articles. May record type of repair or fabrication of tools or machine components performed during work shift to maintain daily activity report and records. May cut, assemble, and weld metal parts, using arc or acetylene welding equipment. May repair farm machinery.


Work Process Schedule

A.Initial Training Period1000
 1. Familiarization with tools and equipment 
 2. Helper to qualified journeyworker 
 3. Small jobs within capability, or work in shops under supervision 
 4. Familiarization of plants and facilities 
 1. Reading blueprints 
 2. Measuring 
 3. Centerpunching 
 4. Marking 
C.Forge Operations160
 1. Use of proper fuel 
 2. Proper use of anvils and accessories 
 3. Forging of small parts - links, hooks, etc. 
D.Shop Fabrication1000
 1. Plate assembly 
 2. Plate bolting 
 3. Structural assembling 
 4. Structural bolting 
 5. Rolling 
E.Shop Fabrication1000
 1. Plate assembly 
 2. Plate bolting 
 3. Structural assembling 
 4. Structural bolting 
 5. Rolling 
 1. Upsetting 
 2. Sending 
 3. Drawing 
 4. Shaping 
 1. Burning 
 2. Gas 
 3. Electric 
 1. Plate 
 2. Structural connections 
 3. Structural fittings 
I.Hardening and Tempering840
 1. Use of furnace or forge 
 2. Heat operation and control 
 3. Temperatures - colors 
 4. Hardening agents 
 5. Types of treatment required 
J.Tool Dressing400
 1. Drawing out 
 2. Shaping 
 3. Tempering 
 4. Finishing 
K.Layouts and Templates100
L.Care of Equipment200
(Every 2,000 hours = one year) Total Hours:8000

Related Technical Instruction

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires 150 hours each year of related technical instruction which must be mastered by the apprentice in order to successfully complete the program. For further information, please call the Division of Apprentice Training at (617) 626-5409.