DOT Code: 899.381-010

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Repairs and maintains physical structures of commercial and industrial establishments, such as factories, office buildings, apartment houses, and logging and mining constructions, using handtools and power tools: Replaces defective electrical switches and other fixtures. Paints structures, and repairs woodwork with carpenter's tools. Repairs plumbing fixtures. Repairs plaster and lays brick. Builds sheds and other outbuildings.

Work Process Schedule

A.Orientation: introduction to training program; terminology; maintenance procedures; safety training and fire prevention; energy conservation.80
B.Care and Use of Tools and Equipment: hand tools; power tools; electrical test equipment; refrigeration test equipment.200
C.Heating and Air Conditioning Systems: central systems for heating and air conditioning, oil, gas and electric; hot water and steam systems; heat pump operation.1600
D.Test, Inspect and Repair of Electrical Equipment: lighting systems; trouble shooting; repair appliances.900
E.Plumbing: waste systems; supply systems.400
F.Carpentry: repairs; maintenance.300
G.Preventive Maintenance: maintain permanent records on each unit; maintain record of warranty; equipment inventory; spare parts inventory; requisition for new and replacement parts.120
H.Repairs and Maintenance: cleaning and ground maintenance; surface maintenance and application; equipment repair.400
(Every 2,000 hours = one year) Total Hours:4000

Related Technical Instruction

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires 150 hours each year of related technical instruction which must be mastered by the apprentice in order to successfully complete the program. For further information, please call the Division of Apprentice Training at (617) 626-5409. A list of instruction subjects is as follows:

1. Job and Occupational Safety
2. Hand and Power Tools, Equipment and Trade Terminology
3. Use of Hand and Power Tools
4. Craft Math Instruction
5. Theory and Practice of Cleaning Maintenance
6. Basic Blue Print Reading
7. Basic Interior and Exterior Surface Maintenance
8. Basic Landscaping, Ground Maintenance and Equipment Maintenance
9. Local and National Electric Code
10. Local and National Plumbing Code
11. Carpentry Techniques and Repairs
12. Principles of Electricity and Basic Electrical Wiring
13. Basic Plumbing Installation and Repair
14. Principles of Heating and Air Conditioning Systems
15. Principles of ASHRAE Standards
16. Principles of National Building Code