Fire Fighter Paramedic

O*Net Code: 33-2011.01

RIAS Code:  1091




Performs patient assessment.  Maintains communication with medical facilities.  Provides Basic and Advanced Life Support. Extricates victims from entrapment. Administers drugs.  Conducts search and rescue operations.  Controls and extinguished fires.  Determines origin and cause of fires; identifies, collects, and preserves evidence.  Applies extinguishing agents.  Connects, lays and operates, hose, nozzles, valves, fittings, and other devices.

An apprentice Fire Fighter Paramedic shall attend and successfully complete a minimum of 1559 hour Fire Fighter Paramedic academy.  This academy may be attended in more than one segment and shall be intensified classroom instruction and simulation exercise representing actual field conditions covering the following subjects   


Fire Service Organizations and Responsibility

Fire Behavior and Extinguishment

Fire Protection and Safety

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

Portable Extinguishers

Ropes Knots and Hitches

Fire Streams and Nozzles

Fire Hose and Appliances

Ground Ladders

Forcible Ladders



Fire Control

Salvage and Overhaul

Fire Protection Water Supplies

Fire Protection Systems

Issues of Diversity and Harassment

Fire Prevention and Investigation

Fire Alarm Communication

Hazardous Materials PRO

ICS 200

Emergency Medial Technician I (EMT-I) Basic Course

Emergency Medical Technician – Paramedic Curse (Approved by the EMS Authority having jurisdiction and meeting the minimum requirements specified in Title 22etc 

       On-the-Job Learning  Approximate Hours
Controls and extinguishes fires500
Performs patient assessment700
Provides Basic and Advanced Life Support900
Administers drugs350
Maintains communication with medical facilities300
Extricates victims from entrapment250
Provides care to emotionally disturbed victims100
Maintains equipment and apparatus400
Prepares reports and maintains records400
Maintains fire stations350
Operates equipment for lifting, spreading, hoisting and pulling                                              400
Applies extinguishing agents500
Connects, lays and operates, hoses, nozzles, valves, fitting,300
and other devices 
Operates master stream appliances200
Carries, raises, climbs, and lowers ladders250
Operates hand tools and equipment350
Uses battering, carrying, digging, prying and striking tools200
Operates equipment including lighting; ventilation;200
and communication 
Performs salvage operations including the use of water 
Removal tools and equipment; removes debris and hazards500
and safeguards property 
Determines origin and cause of fires; identifies, collects, and  
Preserves evidence50
Participates in disaster drills200
Conducts search and rescue operations200
       Total Hours: 8000


Related and Supplemental Instruction 


An apprentice Fire Fighter Paramedic shall while on duty, attend and satisfactorily complete not less than 144 hours per year of related and supplemental instruction in approved subjects such as:


Fundamentals of Fire Suppression

Fire Origin and Cause Determination*

Elementary Chemistry

Elementary Physics


Fundamentals of Fire Protection

Fire Service Hydraulics

Building Construction for the Fire Service

Blueprint Reading

Local Codes and Ordinances

Local Fire Prevention Inspection Practices

Introduction to Fire Prevention*

Pre-Incident Planning

Local Hazards and Conditions

Application of Extinguishing Agents

Records and Reports

Personnel Rules and Regulations

Collective Bargaining Agreement/Memorandum of Understanding

Local Detection and Extinguishing Systems

Aircraft Fire Fighting and Rescue Procedures

Shipboard Fire fighting and Rescue

Wildland Fire Fighting

Petrochemical Fire Fighting

Emergency Vehicle Operation*

Issues of Diversity and Harassment

Street Safety Response

Hazardous Material FRO Refresher

Aids and Infectious Diseases

Wildland Urban Interface (I-Zone)



EMT Refresher/Continuing Education Course

Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior

Code Enforcement*

Instructional Techniques, Part I and II*

Pump Operations*

Confined Space

Rescue Systems

High Rise

All Curses approve and/opr required by the EMS Authority for Continuing Education

EMS at Hazardous Material Incident


Mass Casualty Drills


* These subjects/courses are NOT recommended during the first half of the apprenticeship term.