DOT Code: 950.382-026, AIMS Code: 0536

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Operates and maintains stationary engines and mechanical equipment, such as steam engines, air compressors, generators, motors turbines, and steam boilers to provide utilities, such as light, heat or power for buildings and industrial processes: Reads meters and gages or automatic recording devices at specified intervals to verify operating conditions. Records data, such as temperature of equipment, hours of operation, fuel consumed, temperature for pressure, water levels, analysis of flue gases, voltage load, and generator balance. Adjusts manual controls or overrides automatic controls to bring equipment into recommended or prescribed operating ranges, switch to back-up equipment or systems, or to shut down equipment. Visually inspects equipment at periodic intervals to detect malfunctions or need for repair, adjustment or lubrication. Maintains equipment by tightening fittings, repacking bearings, replacing packing glands, gasket, value recorders, and gages and cleaning or replacing burners or other components, using hand and power tools, May be required to hold license issued by State or municipality, restricting equipment operated to specified types and size. May oil and lubricate equipment. May perform water titration tests and pour chemical additives, such as water softeners, into treatment tank to prevent scales build-up and to clean boiler lines. May record operation and maintenance actions taken during shift in operators logbook.

Work Process Schedule

A.Boiler Operations2500 - 4000
 Starting and cleaning fires 
 Air Compressors 
 Feed pumps 
 Fan motors 
 Water injections 
 Regulation engine speeds 
 Ash equipment 
 Regulation water and steam pressure 
 Weighing fuel 
B.Lubrication1000 - 1500
 Air compressors 
 All auxiliary power equipment 
C.Inspection750 - 1000
 Bearing on all moving parts of equipment 
D.Maintenance - (Minor Repair)750 - 1000
 Air compressors 
 Feed Pumps 
 Auxiliary equipment 
 Water, fuel and steam lines 
 Welding and brazing 
E.Cleaning500 - 700
 Oil filter bags 
 Storage pits 
F.Reports500 - 750
 Fuel consumption 
 Power or heat output 
(Every 2,000 hours = one year) Total Hours:6000 - 8000

Related Technical Instruction

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires 150 hours each year of related technical instruction which must be mastered by the apprentice in order to successfully complete the program. The following is a general listing of instruction topics for this trade. For further information, please call the Division of Apprentice Training at (617) 626-5409.

Practical Mathematics, formulas, areas, volumes
Types of steam boilers - A.S.M.E. & O.S. Codes
Boiler mounting and details
Pipe fitting, Flow of Steam and water
Boiler furnaces, stokers, and fans
Superheaters, Economizers, and waterwalls
Reciprocating and centrifugal pumps
Heat, properties of water and steam, tables
Feedwater heaters and evaporators
Combustion elements of fuel
Boiler management and inspection
Furnace efficiency and flue-gas analysis
Steam engines, valves gear and valve setting
Steam turbines
Power plant economics
Feedwater and feedwater treatment
Heat balance of complete power plant
Lubricating systems
Electricity and electrical machinery