DOT Code: 952.362-042

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Controls steam-driven turbogenerators in electric or nuclear power generating station: Starts or signals Auxiliary-Equipment Operator (utilities) to start turbines and boiler auxiliary units. Adjusts throttle and vacuum-breaker valve to engage governor that regulates speed of turbines and notifies Switchboard Operator (utilities) that turbine-driven generators can be synchronized with auxiliary units. Monitors panelboard to control operations of turbines to detect equipment malfunctions. Stops turbines when malfunctions occur, following operating instructions. Records instrument readings at specified intervals. May perform minor maintenance or equipment, using handtools. When controlling operation by remote control, may be designated Central-Control-Room Operator (utilities).

Work Process Schedule

A.Operation and Maintenance of Turbine Auxiliaries1000
C.Water Testing (Boiler)1000
D.Turbine Operation1000
E.Switchboard Operation1000
F.Operate Boiler Room1000
G.Logs and Logs Entries400
(Every 2,000 hours = one year) Total Hours:6,000

Related Technical Instruction
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires 150 hours each year of related technical instruction which must be mastered by the apprentice in order to successfully complete the program. For further information, please call the Division of Apprentice Training at (617) 626-5409.