Did you know that veterans, Reservists and National Guard members, who are employed as registered apprentices, may be eligible to collect G.I. Bill payments in addition to their regular full-time wages?

It's true! And it's one of the least known benefits of these exceptional military programs. Just as a college student can collect a monthly G.I. Bill payment for classroom attendance, so can a registered apprentice who learns a trade on-the-job.

Montgomery G.I. Bill payments for apprenticeship programs, which generally range from one to five years in length, can total between $2,600 and $42,000 depending upon benefit eligibility.

Effective October 1, 2005, G.I. Bill benefit payments for apprentices have increased by 10%.

Everyone wins when apprentices collect their military benefits; employers possess a powerful recruiting and retention tool, employees can offset their living expenses while working toward journeyman status, and the state benefits from the influx of federal military benefit dollars into our local economy.

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