Dispensing Optician New Paperwork Policy

The Division of Apprentice Standards is instituting a new policy for all dispensing optician paperwork. All stores with dispensing optician apprentices will need to contact their Compliance Officer / Field Representative to schedule a site visit to pick up any paperwork.

Paperwork includes but is not limited to new sponsor application packages and new apprentice agreements. The compliance officers / field representatives will schedule a meeting to pick up the paperwork in a timely fashion.

The Division of Apprentice Standards feels this change is necessary to address the issue of incomplete paperwork. The new policy will speed up processing time as paperwork will no longer be mailed back to the stores numerous times to be completed correctly. Paperwork mailed to this office will be returned to the sponsor.

To schedule a meeting with your Compliance Officer / Field Representative please call the Division @ 617-626-5409.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to call.