As of October 1, 2006 the Massachusetts Department of Labor and Workforce Development, Division of Apprentice Training will require the enrollment of all companies and apprentices from reciprocating states doing work in Massachusetts. Each company will be required to pay an annual fee of $300 when enrolling as a reciprocal company (C. 26 of the Acts of 2003 s 638). Each apprentice will be required to submit a passport sized photo and pay a $35 annual fee for a reciprocal apprentice card ( M.G.L. C. 357 s 11E - 11W). Re-enrolling will be required for any apprentice that leaves one company to work for another. Lost or stolen cards will require a $10 re-issuance fee. All checks or money orders shall be made out to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

For those companies participating in Prevailing Wage projects a photo copy of your apprentice's identification card must be attached to all certified payroll records, and each apprentice must maintain in their possession the identification card while on the job (M.G.L. Chapter 149, s 27,27B).

Companies can obtain the reciprocity package by calling the Division at 617-626-5409. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Once the following package is completed please return it to The Division of Apprentice Standards, 19 Staniford Street, 2nd Floor, Boston, MA 02114.