• Overview of Registered Apprenticeship for Employers

    Building a Skilled Workforce in the 21st CenturyHaving skilled workers is critical to the success of any business. As we progress in the 21st century, this need will become even more critical. By participating in registered apprenticeship, employers can build a dynamic, self-empowered workforce that will lead their business into the future.
  • Apprentice Program Forms

  • Sponsor Policies

  • Apprentice ID Card

  • Sponsor Verification Information

    A Sponsor Verification form is proof that a company has a valid apprentice-training program with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The original form (on state letterhead with a raised seal) is required at the time the bid is submitted, and each form is job-specific.
  • Apprenticeable Occupations

    There are over 850 occupations in a wide range of industries that can be sponsored through apprenticeship training, 101 of which are currently registered with 452 Massachusetts employers. Today's apprentices become the supervisors and leaders of tomorrow.