• GI Bill Apprenticeship in Massachusetts  pdf format of GI Bill Apprenticeship in Massachusetts

  • Steps to Accessing Veterans Benefits  pdf format of Steps to Accessing Veterans Benefits

  • Steps to Becoming an Approved Veteran Training Facility  pdf format of Steps to Becoming an Approved Veteran Training Facility

  • VA Certifying Official Handbook  pdf format of VA Certifying Official Handbook

  • GI Bill Basics

  • GI Bill Programs

  • Active Duty (Chapter 30)

    It is for veterans who first served on Active Duty after June 30th, 1985. Eligible veterans paid into an education fund for one year, received an Honorable discharge and also earned a high school diploma or GED.
  • Selected Reserve (Chapter 1606)

    Chapter 1606 is an educational assistance program for individuals serving in the National Guard or Reserve. Such duty typically entails drilling one weekend per month and attending a two-week Annual Training period each year.
  • Reserve Educational Assistance Program

    Chapter 1607 was established as part of the Defense Authorization Act of 2005. It is designed to provide educational assistance to members of the National Guard or Reserve called or ordered to Active Duty in response to a war or national emergency.
  • Kicker Program

    The purpose of the Montgomery G.I. Bill Kicker Program is to encourage the enlistment and retention of quality applicants, soldiers, airmen, sailors and marines into critical military jobs and units throughout the uniformed services.
  • Veterans Education Assistance Program (VEAP)

    Chapter 32 is the post-Vietnam era educational assistance program. It is for individuals who first entered Active Duty between January 1st, 1977 and June 30th, 1985. The program is sometimes called VEAP
  • Survivors' and Dependents' Educational Assistance Program

    Chapter 35 provides education and training opportunities to dependents of veterans who are permanently and totally disabled due to a service-related condition, or who died while on Active Duty or as a result of a service related condition.
  • Vietnam Era GI Bill

    Chapter 34 provided education benefits to individuals that served on Active Duty after January 31st, 1955 and prior to January 1st, 1977. The benefit expired on December 31st, 1989.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment Program

    Chapter 31 is a unique program designed specifically for disabled veterans. It has two primary goals. First, to assist the service-disabled veteran to prepare for, obtain, and maintain suitable employment. Second, for those veterans who are severely disabled and that gainful employment is not an option, assistance may be provided to allow the veteran to live more independently in his or her community.
  • Veteran Benefit Payments

  • Veterans Affairs Forms

    To certify enrollments and changes in enrollment, apprentices will need to use a variety of forms. This section will briefly describe the Department of Veterans Affairs forms. The mailing address for VA forms is: VA Regional Processing Office, P.O. Box 4616, Buffalo, New York 14240-4616. Additional questions regarding the use of these forms should be directed to (888) GI-BILL-1 (888-442-4551). To view the process for submitting the forms listed below visit our VA Form Procedures page.
  • VA Form Procedures

  • Veteran Apprenticeship Resources

  • Required Military Forms

    The following military forms assist the Department of Veterans Affairs in determining an apprentice's eligibility for VA education benefits earned through military service.
  • Veteran Services Education Representatives

    This page introduces you to the key people involved in seeing that eligible veterans, dependents and members of the National Guard and Reserve receive Department of Veterans Affairs education benefits.
  • Helpful Numbers

    The following telephone numbers and addresses are important in the certification of veterans, National Guard members and Reservists, and dependents for VA benefits.