Chapter 30 is the most common and newest G.I. Bill program. It is for veterans who first served on Active Duty after June 30th, 1985. Eligible veterans paid into an education fund for one year, received an Honorable discharge and also earned a high school diploma or GED.

A 10-year eligibility period begins on the date of discharge from Active Duty.

Current members of the Guard and Reserve, who served previously on Active Duty and gained eligibility for Chapter 30 and were federally mobilized with their Guard or Reserve unit for 90 continuous days or more, have a new 10-year eligibility period established at the point of their latest discharge from Active Duty. Thereby giving many veterans a second chance at using their remaining entitlement.

A maximum of $37,224 can be collected by veterans who completed an Active Duty enlistment of three or more years and are enrolled in VA-approved education and training programs. Veterans who completed an enlistment of less than three years can collect a maximum of $30,240.