Benefit checks are sent on a monthly basis directly to the address the apprentice has indicated on his or her application or that is shown on the certification form. Benefit checks are not paid to the employer.

The apprentice receives payment for each month of training after the monthly certification of hours worked is received by the VA. This form is called, VA Form 22-6553d, Monthly Certification of On The Job and Apprentice Training.

A copy of this form is mailed, along with each monthly benefit check, to the apprentice's home address. The apprentice must have this form signed each month by his or her supervisor (who is referred to as a "Certifying Official" by the VA) and must ensure that it is mailed back to the VA at the conclusion of the next month of training. The VA will not release the monthly benefit payment without this form.

VA benefit payments for apprenticeship and on-the-job training represent less than 1% of all VA benefit claims nationwide. For this reason, these payments are considered "out-of-system awards" which essentially means that your payment will be processed manually by the VA.

Because of this, apprentices can expect a delay of several months before receiving their first benefit check. If more than four months passes before you receive your first check, there may be a problem which could involve your benefit eligibility, information missing from VA forms, or a problem with the registration of your apprenticeship program.

When problems occur the apprentice can expect to receive a letter from the VA Regional Processing Office in Buffalo, New York. We strongly advise apprentices to read the letters and follow the directions provided by the VA. Do not throw the letter out. It contains important information that we can use to help you resolve your problem.

If the problem stems from benefit eligibility apprentices should contact their military service.

If the problem involves the registration of the apprenticeship program, apprentices should have their supervisor contact us immediately at (617) 626-5409.

If everything appears to be in order, yet the apprentice still has not received a check, the apprentice should contact the VA Education Customer Service Office at (888)-GIBILL-1.

We will make every effort to assist apprentices who are having trouble accessing their VA benefits, but due to privacy issues there is a limit to the amount of information we can request from the VA regarding your claim. Therefore, if you are experiencing a pay problem you must act or the issue may never be resolved.