The following military forms assist the Department of Veterans Affairs in determining an apprentice's eligibility for VA education benefits earned through military service.

DD Form 214, Separation from Active Duty

This form is a veteran's discharge or separation papers from Active Duty. Veterans should have a Member Copy 4, which is indicated on the bottom of the form. The form shows the individual's type of discharge and reason for discharge.

DD Form 2384-1, Notice of Basic Eligibility (NOBE)

This form is a temporary eligibility certificate which is issued to individuals who are active participants in the National Guard or Reserve who have established eligibility for Chapter 1606 benefits, but whose Department of Defense (DoD) computer record has not yet been updated to show their eligibility. There is typically a 120-day delay from the time the military services enter eligibility data into their computer systems to when it can be viewed by the VA personnel in the DoD computer system. The NOBE grants the VA permission from the military service to pay benefits for a 120-day period pending an update of the DoD computer system.

The NOBE is a controlled form. Members of the National Guard and Reserve who think they are eligible for Chapter 1606 benefits should request a NOBE from their chain of command. NOBEs are typically issued by a state- or regionally-based Montgomery G.I. Bill Manager who works in an Education Services Office that services a specific National Guard or Reserve component.

NGB Form 5435-R, Montgomery G.I. Bill Kicker Contract

This form is a multi-page contract signed by a member of the Army or Air National Guard and an official military service representative that verifies the Guard member has met the requirements to enlist or extend for a Montgomery G.I. Bill Kicker at either the $100, $200, or $350 rate. The individual's name, Social Security number, military job code, unit name, unit identification code, Kicker amount, and a Kicker Control number are indicated on the contract. The contract, or a notarized memorandum issued and signed by a National Guard state-level Education Services Officer, can be forwarded to the VA along with either the NOBE or DD Form 214 to verify Kicker eligibility.