A new program for Reservists and Guard members activated after September 11, 2001

Chapter 1607 was established as part of the Defense Authorization Act of 2005. It is designed to provide educational assistance to members of the National Guard or Reserve called or ordered to Active Duty in response to a war or national emergency (contingency operation 1) as declared by the President or Congress.

Unlike Chapter 30, service members do not have to pay anything into the program in order to participate. The only eligibility criteria is at least 90 continuous days of Active Duty service (Title 10 or Title 32 2) after September 11, 2001, under one of the qualifying operations. Individuals are eligible as soon as they reach the 90-day point whether or not they are currently on Active Duty.

Disabled members who are injured or have an illness or disease incurred or aggravated in the line of duty and are released from Active Duty before completing 90 consecutive days are also eligible.

Monthly payment rates under Chapter 1607 are a percentage of the Chapter 30 three-year full-time institutional rate, which, as of October 1, 2005, is $1,034.00. The following percentages apply for full-time institutional (college) attendance:

  • 90 days, but less than one year, equals 40% ($413.60)

  • One year, but less than two years, equals 60% ($620.40)

  • Two or more years equals 80% ($827.20)

Adjusted rates for apprenticeship and on-the-job training are shown in the tables to the right. The rates reflect the 85%, 65% and 45% payment rates for apprenticeship, as described in G.I. Bill Basics. Eligible individuals cannot receive assistance under more than one VA education program at a time. Therefore, they must make an "irrevocable election" choosing which program they want their military service to count towards.

If, however, apprentices are eligible for the Kicker Program, they can still receive Kicker payments while receiving Chapter 1607 benefits.

Those eligible for 1607 will receive 36 months of full-time entitlement at their given rate. A 1607 participant may not use more than 48 months of entitlement under any combination of VA educational programs.

Therefore, if an apprentice already used 20 months of Chapter 1606 benefits, he or she would only receive 28 months of Chapter 1607; for a total of 48.

The VA began making Chapter 1607 payments in September 2005.

Applicants who have previously filed a claim for VA education benefits, should submit their DD Form 214 and a copy of their Active Duty orders to the VA.

Individuals who have not previously submitted a claim for benefits should also include VA Form 22-1990 pdf format of 22_1990.pdf

We strongly advise applicants to annotate "Chapter 1607" prominently on all correspondence and documents forwarded to the VA. The VA mailing address can be found on our VA Forms page.