To become an apprentice we suggest you visit your local career center and work with job counselors who can help you along with your job search.You can find a list of career centers by visiting The Division of Career Services website. You may also contact a local union and find out when they are taking applications.

The following are the 4 critical steps you need to take to become an apprentice:

  1. Contact a Career Center near you, or contact the nearest union. The Career Center can help with your job search working with job counselors. You can also contact your local union to see if they are accepting applications.
  2. Once you have found an Employer (open shop) or a Union willing to sponsor your apprenticeship, you are ready to start. If the sponsor does not have a registered apprenticeship, they will contact us (DAS).
  3. Complete your training through your sponsor.
  4. Once your training is completed DAS will issue a certificate of completion.

That is it!!