• Massachusetts Blue Laws: Overview

    Click on the above link for our Guide to the Massachusetts Blue Laws. Information on this site is provided for general information purposes to assist both employers and employees to understand the law in this area.

  • Columbus and Veterans Day Permits for Holiday Openings 2015

    The Department of Labor Standards must approve all local permits for retail stores and businesses to open on certain holidays, including Columbus Day before 12:00PM and Veterans Day before 1:00PM. Permits must be approved by the Department on a uniform basis statewide. Click on the link above for details.

  • M.G.L. c. 136, s. 5

    This section lists the penalty for conducting business on Sunday.

  • M.G.L. c. 136, s. 6

    This section lists the 55 types of employment that are not banned on Sundays and holidays.

  • M.G.L. c. 136, s. 7

    This section establishes the local police permitting process for necessary work on Sundays and holidays.

  • M.G.L. c. 136, s. 13

    This section establishes which holidays are ‘restricted’, ‘partially restricted’, or ‘unrestricted’. This section also requires retail establishments to pay time and one half and apply voluntariness standards to who operate on partially restricted holidays.

  • M.G.L. c. 136, s. 14

    This section allows some employment (related to as sports, dancing, laundry, some hunting, some farming, etc.) to be performed on holidays, and establishes licensing standards for Mayors and Selectmen for certain tourist-related businesses who operate on some holidays.

  • M.G.L. c. 136, s. 15

    This section applies the permitting procedures under § 7 to certain holidays as well. This section also grants the Department of Labor Standards the authority to approve such permits on a statewide, uniform basis.

  • M.G.L. c. 136, s. 16

    This section allows retail businesses to open on Sundays (excluding Christmas Day) and certain holidays

  • M.G.L. c. 149, s. 45

    This section establishes the penalties for manufacturing work unlawfully performed on holidays.

  • M.G.L. c. 149, s. 51A

    This section allows the Attorney General to grant temporary exemptions to manufacturers to allow them to perform work on Sundays.