Massachusetts General Law
Chapter 140, Sections 46A-46R

An employment agency is defined as, "…any person who conducts, in whole or in part an agency for the purpose of procuring or attempting to procure permanent or temporary help or employment or engagements, or for the registration of persons seeking such help, employment or engagement, or for giving information as to where and of whom such help, employment or engagement may be procured, where a fee is exacted or attempted to be collected for such service." (§46A)

Any employment or service agency advertising, recruiting, or placing workers in MA must submit an annual application, supporting documentation, and requisite non-refundable application fee to DLS. Initial and renewal applications may be downloaded from this website. Agencies must post their current license or registration in a visible place within their agency. Licensed and registered employment agencies are subject to inspection by DLS at any time during normal business hours.

Employment agencies run by organized labor, religious, charitable, nonprofit, accredited educational institutions, federal,state and municipal government organizations are exempted from most provisions of the Employment Agency Law.

There are many responsibilities and requirements of agencies, as well as rights and protections for workers contained within the Employment Agency Law.

The Employment Agency Program protects the rights of workers being placed by employment agencies, and ensures that said agencies use fair, ethical, and legal business practices.

We regulate modeling agencies, eldercare placement agencies, nanny and babysitter placement agencies, temporary and permanent staffing and labor firms, and any for-profit agency that derives a fee from placing a worker in a job in Massachusetts.

Only work with agencies that are properly licensed or registered. The employment agency law is designed to protect workers from unscrupulous business practices and safeguard their earnings. If you have a question or a complaint about an employment agency, please contact DLS. We can answer any questions you may have about this law and its applicability.