Licensed Employment Agencies may NOT engage in any of the following:
  • Publish false, fraudulent, or misleading information.
  • Direct an applicant to an employer without first having obtained a bona fide work order/job offer.
  • Send an applicant to a job that is operating in violation of minimum wage, child labor, or compulsory education laws.
  • Send an applicant to a place of employment maintained for immoral or illicit purposes.
  • Compel any person to enter into an agency by force.
  • Require job applicants to subscribe to any publication or incidental service or contribute to the cost of advertising.
  • Refuse to return on demand any personal property belonging to a job applicant.
  • Send any applicant to a place of employment that is on strike, without first notifying the applicant.
  • Solicit, persuade, or attempt to induce an employee to leave an assignment if for the purpose of securing a new fee from such employee.
  • Divide, share, or offer to divide or share service fees with employer clients.
  • Solicit, persuade, induce, or attempt to induce any employer to create a vacancy by discharge.

Transportation Expenses Charged to Temporary Workers

There are legal restrictions placed on the amount of money that licensed and registered agencies can charge part-time or temporary workers for transportation costs.

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