• Lead License Applications and Forms

    Do you need an application to apply for licensure as a Deleading Contractor, Lead-Safe Renovation Contractor, Deleader-Supervisor, Deleader-Worker or Deleading Training Provider? Click on the above link to print the application form that you will need to complete and submit to the Division of Occupational Safety.
  • Lead License Lists

    Click on the above link to view lists of licensed Deleading Contractors, licensed Lead Training Providers, licensed Lead-Safe Renovation Contractors, and Certified Lead-Safe Renovator-Supervisors who are also certified to perform Moderate-Risk Deleading Work.
  • Lead-Safe Renovation

    Learn more about the state's lead regulations and related requirements for persons and contractors engaged in for renovation, repair and painting work, including training, certification and licensure requirements.
  • Lead Documents

    Information and guidance documents, health, safety and respirator program templates and forms needed by persons and firms engaged in deleading, renovation, repair and painting work.