• Licensed Deleading Contractors  pdf format of Licensed Deleading Contractors

    Licensed Deleading Contractors are authorized to carry out Deleading Projects and Renovation Work. Note that a Deleading Contractor must have a licensed Deleader-Supervisor on deleading worksites at all times when Deleading Work is in progress. On renovation worksites, a Deleading Contractor must have a Lead-Safe Renovator-Supervisor on site at all times when renovation work is in progress.
  • Lead Training Providers  pdf format of Lead Training Providers

    Licensed Lead Training Providers provide training required by 454 CMR 22.00, including training required for Deleader-Workers, Deleader-Supervisors and Lead-Safe Renovator-Supervisors. Note that providers provide different types of courses. Be sure that the training provider you choose offers the right training for the training/certification you need.
  • Licensed Lead-Safe Renovation Contractors  pdf format of Licensed Lead-Safe Renovation Contractors
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    Renovation, repair and painting work conducted for a fee in Target Housing and Child-Occupied Facilities where more than 6 sq. ft. of painted surface per room is disturbed on the interior of a building, or more than 20 sq. ft. of painted surface on the exterior of a building, must be carried out by Lead-Safe Renovation (LSR) Contractors licensed pursuant to 454 CMR 22.00. Licensed LSR Contractors must have a trained and Certified LSR Supervisor on their staff. Under MA regulations, a LSR Supervisor is required to be on site at all times while Renovation Work is in progress. LSR Supervisors carry their own training certificates with picture ID. Deleading Contractors are also authorized to perform Renovation Work if a Licensed Deleader Supervisor who has received his/her initial or refresher training after 7/9/10, or a LSR Supervisor is on site at all times while Renovation Work is in progress. Refer to Licensed Deleading Contractor List above. A LSR Contractor is also authorized to carry out Moderate Risk (MR) Deleading Work if the Contractor utilizes a Deleader-Supervisor or a LSR Supervisor who has taken MR Deleading training option. Some (not all) LSR Supervisors have taken an additional, optional MR Deleading training. The training certificate of the LSR Supervisor will indicate whether that LSR Supervisor has fulfilled the training requirements authorizing him/her to conduct MR Deleading Work. Find these LSR Supervisors by clicking on the link below.
  • Lead-Safe Renovator Supervisors Approved for Moderate Risk Deleading  pdf format of Lead-Safe Renovator Supervisors Approved for...

    Certified Lead-Safe Renovation Supervisors are authorized to perform as supervisors on Moderate Risk Deleading Projects being carried out by Lead-Safe Renovation Contractors licensed by DOS.

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