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Massachusetts General Law Section 113, Chapter 149 requires that adequate heat be provided from October 15 through May 15:

"Every factory, workshop, manufacturing, mechanical and mercantile establishment, railroad freight house, railway express terminal, public garages and premises used by express, trucking and transportation companies, and any other building in which a person is employed, other than a building under construction, shall be well lighted, well ventilated and kept free from unsanitary conditions. The work rooms therein in actual use shall be properly heated during the period from October 15 to May 15, according to reasonable rules and regulations adopted by the Department establishing minimum requirements with reference thereto;"

The following minimum temperatures have been established as guidelines by the Massachusetts Department of Labor and Workforce Development, Department of Labor Standards.

Factories 60 - 62 o

Foundries 50 - 60 o

Machine Shops 60 - 62 o

Offices 66 - 68 o

Public Buildings 60 - 68 o

Restaurants 62 - 66 o

Schools 66 - 68 o

Stores 65 o

Theaters 62 - 65 o