EO 511 calls for a 13-member advisory committee, consisting of the following persons or their designees: Director of Labor, Chief Human Resources Officer, Commissioner of the Division of Occupational Safety, Secretary of Administration and Finance, Director of Employee Relations, Commissioner of the Department of Public Health, Commissioner of the Department of Industrial Accidents, four Labor representatives representing the employees of the Commonwealth, one representative of a community-based health and safety advocacy organization, and one member of the faculty of the Department of Work Environment at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell. 

Advisory Committee Mission Statement: The Advisory Committee will serve to evaluate and address any needed improvements in the protection of our Commonwealth employees at the macro policy level. The Committee will use methods such as evaluation of existing health and safety systems and injury and illness statistics to create recommendations on effective strategies to improve state worker health and safety, including centralized worker protection policies or regulations, needed resource allocations, and/or agency health and safety system improvement measures. The Committee will also monitor the effectiveness of the state's health and safety programs.