DLS conducts inspections of public employee work sites which have a high injury rate or which conduct high-hazard activities.  DLS may also conduct a site inspection after a work-related accident to assist public entities develop preventive action. High hazard activities include, but are not limited to aerial lift truck operation, trenching, and lockout-tagout.  The Inspection will include:  

  • Opening conference
  • Site walkthrough
  • Closing conference
  • A written report:
    • If a condition is observed that could cause worker injury, a Written Warning will be issued, with an order to correct the condition.  If the employer does not the correct condition(s) identified in the report within the timeframe specified, a civil penalty may be issued by DLS.
    • A civil penalty, up to $1,000 per violation, may be issued by DLS, pursuant to MGL c. 149, §6.
  • For more information about WSHP inspections, click on this link: Workplace Safety and Health Program Inspection Summary