To report an accident involving a public employee:

     Call 508-616-0461 x9488  or email


Police, fire and EMS departments are requested to report injuries that occur to public employees, particularly EMS response, amputation, loss of eye, hospitalization or fatality.


A public employee is an employee of a state, county, or municipal entity.  

To file a complaint about safety and health conditions public employees have these options:


1. Download and Email - the Notification of Alleged Hazard Form, complete it and then email it to  Please include your name, address and telephone number so we can contact you to follow up.  This information is confidential.


2. Telephone – Call DLS at 508-616-0461 ext. 9488.


DLS recommends that employees try to resolve safety and health issues first by reporting them to their supervisors, managers, or the safety and health committee. At any time, however, employees can complain to DLS. 


Employees or their representatives may complain if they believe there is a violation of a safety or health standard, or if there is any danger that threatens physical harm, or if an "imminent danger" exists.  Enough information must be provided for DLS to determine if a hazard exists. Workers do not have to know whether a specific standard has been violated in order to file a complaint.


The Department of Labor Standards will follow-up by sending a written Complaint Letter or by conducting a site inspection.

To request free technical assistance, a municipal, county or state agency can request a free DLS safety inspection.  For example: a safety and health audit of a wastewater treatment plant; a school electrical safety audit; or safety committee coaching. If safety and health hazards are observed, a “Technical Assistance Report” which itemizes each hazardous condition and recommends corrective action will be provided. Civil penalties are not issued for voluntary requests for technical assistance. However, the employer will be required to provide documentation that hazardous conditions are corrected. Call the Department of Labor Standards at 508-616-0461, or send an e-mail