Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses 2010—Massachusetts has lowest rate of worker injury and illness amongst reporting New England states and remains lower than national average


According to a survey conducted by the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development’s Department of Labor Standards (DLS) and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), in 2011, approximately 69,700 nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses were reported among the 2.7 million private sector workers in 2010. The number of injuries and illnesses equates to an incidence rate of 3.2 injuries and illnesses per 100 full-time equivalent workers (FTEs), representing the lowest rate among the reporting New England states. This rate also compares favorably to the national incidence rate of 3.5 cases per 100 FTEs for the same period.


Some of the data findings for 2010 are as follows:


Severity of Injury or Illness


Of the 69,700 private sector workplace injuries and illnesses in Massachusetts during 2010, roughly 31,500 (45.2%) did not result in lost workdays, while approximately 38,200 (54.8%) cases involved days away from work, job transfer, restriction or any combination of these actions.


Highest Incidence Rates


Among the ten major industry sectors, the highest total recordable case (TRC) incidence rate occurred within the Natural Resources and Mining sector, with a rate of 6.1 cases per 100 FTEs. This sector employed 0.2% of the private industry workforce. The Education & Health Service sector, with 5.0 cases per 100 FTEs, had the second highest rate. This sector employed 22.9% of the private industry workforce.


Lowest Incidence Rates


Financial Activities had the lowest TRC incidence rate with only 1.1 cases per 100 FTEs. The Information industry and Professional & Business Services industry both had relatively low TRC rates of 1.3 cases per 100 FTEs. Other Services, which is comprised of repair and maintenance companies, religious, grant-making, civic, professional, and similar organizations, experienced a rate of 2.9 per 100 FTEs. All combined, these four industry sectors accounted for 32.6% of Massachusetts’ total private industry workforce.





Public Sector Findings


There were approximately 3,100 nonfatal injuries and illnesses that occurred among state government employees in 2010. State government accounted for 111,000 employees, or 0.4% of the total Massachusetts workforce. The total recordable case incidence rate (TRC) for state government was 3.4 cases per 100 full-time employees (FTEs).


Severity of Injury or Illness 


Of the 3,100 state government injuries and illnesses, roughly 800 (25.8%) did not result in lost workdays, while approximately 2,300 (74.2%) cases involved days away from work, job transfer, restriction or any combination of these actions.


Other Public Sector Case Findings

  • State Hospitals had the highest incidence rate among state government with 7.8 cases per 100 FTEs.

  • Correctional officers and Jailers had the highest number of cases with days away from work at 380 cases.

  • Illness-only cases accounted for 800 (25.8%)recordable incidents; injury-only cases accounted for 2,300 (74.2%) cases

  • Voluntary survey response from local government was too low to meet publishable data criteria. Statistics for local government incidents are not available for 2010.


Notes about the Survey

Survey data for the SOII is derived from mandatory logs kept by private industry employers and participating public sector employers during the calendar year. All survey responses are confidential and are used for statistical purposes only. The Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses is a federal-state government partnership between the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and the Massachusetts Department of Labor Standards (DLS). Annual reports are published by DLS and are available by clicking on the links below.