Although the Consultation Program is primarily targeted for smaller businesses (less than 250 employees per establishment or 500 employees nationwide) in high hazard industries (high hazard SIC Codes), all private-sector employers are welcome to request a consultative survey. Public-sector entities ( State and Municipalities) can request a survey from the DLS Occupational Hygiene/Indoor Air Quality Program; refer to Other DLS Services. Since this service is voluntary, you must request a consultative visit; refer to Requesting A Visit.

The DLS Consultants will:

• Help you recognize hazards in your workplace.

• Suggest control measures and options for solving a safety or health problem.

• Provide technical support.

• Assist you in writing and implementing OSHA-required written programs.

• Help you establish or strengthen a safety and health program.

• Provide a detailed written report summarizing all findings.

• Provide training and education for you and your employees.

The DLS Consultants will not:

• Issue citations or propose penalties for violations of OSHA standards.

• Report possible violations to OSHA enforcement staff.

• Guarantee that your workplace will "pass" an OSHA inspection.