Effective November 18, 2011, the Department of Labor Standards (“DLS”) will commence to issue prevailing wage schedules for public works projects in a format which will reflect the breakdown of the total wage rates by displaying the base wage and benefit contributions for each job classification.  The revised schedules will also display the trade organization from which the wage rate is derived.  There is no change in the method by which t he wage rates are calculated – only the format has changed.[1]  DLS has adopted this new format to increase transparency in the rate setting process. 

Questions about the revised format for prevailing wage schedules should be directed to the DLS at (617) 626-6953.   For more information about this change, including illustrations of the new wage schedules, please visit the DLS website at

[1] The prevailing wage statute provides that payments by employers to health and welfare plans, pension plans and supplementary unemployment benefit plans under collective bargaining agreements or understandings between organized labor and employers be included in the wage rates.  G.L. c. 149  §§ 26 and 27.  Currently, the DLS wage schedules reflect only the total wage rate for each job classification.