Town of Franklin requesting clarification of the applicability of prevailing wage law to work performed by owner-operators. Legitimate owner-operators or independent contractors, unless they are transporting gravel or fill to a public works site or removing it from such site, are not subject to the prevailing wage law.


Tekon-Technical Consultants, Inc. inquired about the applicability of prevailing wage rates to the testing and balancing of HVAC – Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning – systems. Persons who test and balance HVAC systems as part of a public construction or alteration project involving the installation of a new system or the repair of an existing system must be paid prevailing wage rates.


Rural Development, Inc. a non-profit entity is constructing private residences with some public support through the U.S. Department of Agriculture, requested a determination of prevailing wage applicability. DOS determined the payment of prevailing wage for public works construction, does not apply to publicly-funded construction of private residences.


Craft jurisdiction for ironwork and associated work activities on prevailing wage work sites.


Wayne J. Griffin Electric, Inc.requesting a formal determination regarding the appropriate occupational classification for installers of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) work. "Electrician" is the proper prevailing wage occupational classification.


"Sheet Metal Worker" is the proper prevailing wage occupational classification for testing and balancing of air-based HVAC systems and "Pipefitter" is the appropriate classification for testing and balancing of hot water-based heating systems.


The new collective bargaining agreement between the Labor Relations Division of Construction Industries of Massachusetts and the Massachusetts Laborers District Council explicitly covers "Highway lane striping and pavement arrows and markings." As a result, the Division of Occupational Safety has amended its prevailing wage schedules to reflect the The occupational classification "Painter (Traffic Markings)".

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Request for information concerning the proper occupational classifications for painters who will work on the Drury High School Project in North Adams, MA

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All pier and dock construction, which includes the underpinning (such as piles) and all components up to and including the deck, falls within the "Pile Driver" occupational classification on prevailing wage schedules. Work above the deck would properly fall within the various occupational classifications utilized on construction projects, generally. Also, to help alleviate confusion on future projects, a new occupational classification will be added to prevailing wage schedules: "Pier & Dock Constructor (Underpinning and Deck)".