pw-2001-01-29-2001  pdf format of pw-2001-01-29-2001

Determination of the applicability of Prevailing Wage  to a contract for "Wreck Removals Gloucester Harbor" by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Management (the "contract"). The contract calls for the "removal and disposal of seven derelict vessels" including demolition, site preparation, excavation, site restoration, and other related work. Prevailing Wage Law applies to this contract because the work falls within the statute's definition of public construction.

pw-2001-02-09-2001  pdf format of pw-2001-02-09-2001

Massachusetts prevailing wage law does not apply to work performed by the Archdiocese. Any requirement the Archdiocese places on contractors to follow the hourly wage rates contained on prevailing wage schedules is purely a requirement of your contractual arrangement and not enforceable under the prevailing wage law.

pw-2001-03-22-2001  pdf format of pw-2001-03-22-2001

Prevailing wage law, applies to construction and renovation work performed by contractors at the South Shore Tri-Town Development Corporation. The prevailing wage law, requires workers engaged in the construction of public works undertaken "by the Commonwealth, or by a county, town, authority, or district" to be paid prevailing wage rates.

pw-2001-04-10-2001  pdf format of pw-2001-04-10-2001

Prevailing Wage Rates; School Bus Drivers

pw-2001-04-12-2001  pdf format of pw-2001-04-12-2001

Wage Schedules for Housing Authority Employees.

pw-2001-05-24-2001  pdf format of pw-2001-05-24-2001

Request for a determination of the applicability of the "Sheetmetal Worker" occupational classification, as contained on prevailing wage schedules, to the handling and assembly of duct work

pw-2001-06-27-2001  pdf format of pw-2001-06-27-2001

Applicability of the Prevailing Wage Law to activities associated with trucking.

pw-2001-07-03-2001  pdf format of pw-2001-07-03-2001

Prevailing wage rates; Manet Community Health Center, Inc. Building Renovation Project at Hull, MA.

pw-2001-07-06-2001  pdf format of pw-2001-07-06-2001

Prevailing Wage Rates: Excavation Work By Utility Companies

pw-2001-08-07-2001  pdf format of pw-2001-08-07-2001

Prevailing Wage. Applicability; Leased Office Space, Springfield, MA.

pw-2001-08-21-2001  pdf format of pw-2001-08-21-2001

Wage Determination Appeal Palmer Paving of Palmer, Massachusetts.

pw-2001-09-05-2001  pdf format of pw-2001-09-05-2001

Prevailing wage rates; Chester Municipal Electric Light Department. Use of Municipal Employees Building and Upgrading Power Lines for School District Projects in the Towns of Chester and Russell and the Use of Municipal Employees for Relocating Poles on State Highway.

pw-2001-09-17-2001  pdf format of pw-2001-09-17-2001

Applicability of Prevailing Wages for Installation, Service, Maintenance, Repairs, Overhauls, and Testing of Emergency Electrical Generators.

pw-2001-10-29-2001  pdf format of pw-2001-10-29-2001

Housing Authorities Health and Welfare Plans

pw-2001-11-27-2001  pdf format of pw-2001-11-27-2001

MW 2001-014 Blended wage overtime calculation.