Massachusetts prevailing wage law does not apply to work performed by the Archdiocese. Any requirement the Archdiocese places on contractors to follow the hourly wage rates contained on prevailing wage schedules is purely a requirement of your contractual arrangement and not enforceable under the prevailing wage law.


Prevailing wage law, applies to construction and renovation work performed by contractors at the South Shore Tri-Town Development Corporation. The prevailing wage law, requires workers engaged in the construction of public works undertaken "by the Commonwealth, or by a county, town, authority, or district" to be paid prevailing wage rates.


Request for a determination of the applicability of the "Sheetmetal Worker" occupational classification, as contained on prevailing wage schedules, to the handling and assembly of duct work.


Prevailing wage rates for school bus drivers.


Applicability of the Prevailing Wage Law to activities associated with trucking.


Prevailing wage rates; Manet Community Health Center, Inc. Building Renovation Project at Hull, MA.


Prevailing Wage Rates: Excavation Work By Utility Companies.

Prevailing Wage Opinion Letter 2001 01 – 07.10.01

Construction projects for non-profits


Prevailing Wage. Applicability; Leased Office Space, Springfield, MA.


Wage Determination Appeal: Palmer Paving of Palmer, MA; Aggregate Industries Inc., of Saugus, MA; Decision: Projects for which a prevailing wage schedule dated on or after August 22, 2001 has been issued, and who work on MHD Project No. 603407-01, are covered by the prevailing wage law while they are on-site at the public construction project. Those drivers are not covered by the prevailing wage law while off-site, including over-the-road driving and picking-up materials.


401K plan deductions as benefits


Upgrading school district power lines work


Applicability of Prevailing Wages for Installation, Service, Maintenance, Repairs, Overhauls, and Testing of Emergency Electrical Generators.


MW 2001-014 Blended wage overtime calculation.


Classification of electrical maintenance work