• Prevailing Wage Program Opinion Letter March 13, 2014

    Regarding the proper occupational classification for tree trimming, tree removal and other associated tree work.

  • Prevailing Wage Program Opinion Letter May 19, 2014

    Construction Management at Risk contract anniversary date.

  • pw-2014-02-05-2014

    Requesting the classification of certain work performed by its employees. Downloading and installing software on HVAC systems was covered under prevailing wage law and was comparable to work performed by pipefitters or HVAC mechanics. Post-installation writing of computer code to integrate HVAC systems with servers and computers, however, was not covered.

  • PW-2014-03-09.02.14

    Job Classification for Concrete Pavement Cutting

  • PW-2014-04-09.30.14

    Prevailing Wage Obligation for the Relocation of Utilities under M.G.L. c. 6C § 44

  • PW-2014-05-10.22.14

    Job Classifications for Pool Services

  • PW 2016-06-05-2014 - **Currently under reconsideration

    Drawbridge Operator