• Minimum Wage Program

    Department of Labor Standards (DLS) administers the Commonwealth's Minimum Fair Wage Law, MGL ch. 151, sec. 1 through 22.

    The Minimum Fair Wage Law and Regulations address not only the payment of the basic minimum wage but also overtime; the minimum wage for tipped employees; reporting pay; on-duty or on-call time; travel time and expenses; deductions for lodging, meals, and uniforms; and wage records that employers are required to keep. If you have a question about the meaning of a provision in the Minimum Wage Law or Regulations, see the Minimum Wage and Overtime FAQs section below. If your question is not answered by the FAQs, please call DLS at 617-626-6952.

    The Massachusetts Minimum Wage is $9.00 per hour. The Service Rate is $3.00 per hour. Please click HERE for more information.

  • Prevailing Wage Program

    The Department of Labor Standards (DLS) issues prevailing wage schedules to cities, towns, counties, districts, authorities, and agencies of the commonwealth for construction projects and several other types of public work. These prevailing wage schedules contain hourly wage rates that workers must receive when working on a public project.
  • The Massachusetts Blue Laws

    Restrictions on business openings on Sundays and holidays, the Massachusetts Blue Laws, are enforced by the Attorney General's Fair Labor Division. The information provided here is designed to help both employees and employers understand the law in this area. If you have questions about possible violations of these laws, please contact the Attorney General's Fair Labor Division at 617-727-3465. If you have questions about statewide approval of local permits for holiday openings, please contact the Department of Labor Standards' Minimum Wage Program at 617-626-6952.
  • Youth Employment Information

  • Employment Agency Program

    The Employment Agency Program protects the rights of workers being placed by employment agencies,and ensures those agencies use fair, ethical, and legal business practices.We cover Modeling Agencies, Home Careplacement Agencies, Nanny and/or Babysitter, Placement Agencies, Temporary Staffing and Labor Firms, Permanent Placement Employment Firms.
  • Licensing and Certification