QUEST Revenue System

The DUA QUEST Revenue System has replaced the Revenue online services previously accessed via UI Online for Business. DUA QUEST Revenue System will automate the Registration, Wage and Employment Reporting, Tax Calculation, and Payment processes.

The QUEST Revenue System provides time-saving improvements for employers:

  • Employers will be able to view complete and up-to-date account information, update their account and demographic data in real-time via a secure self-service portal.
  • Wage and Employment filings, UI, and UHI Tax filings can be completed in a single process online.
  • Taxes due will be calculated online and employers can make payments by secure electronic payment processing.
  • Employers and/or Third-Party Agents will be able to file electronically and process; the system will calculate taxes due by tracking taxable and excess wages based on the employers rates and status with DUA.
  • Third Party Agents will be able to submit electronic wage and employment files containing all their employer accounts in one file; bulk payments with application to individual accounts is also available.
  • Employers manage their account security and assign multiple Third Party Agents or internal employees based on business role and desired access.
  • Employers will be able to view their "Benefits Paid Charging Statements" and "Rating" or "Charge Billing" information directly online.

Registered employers can sign up to perform these transactions online via QUEST . Not registered yet? Register for QUEST

If you're a new employer, you need to register your new business and obtain a DUA account number on QUEST. After you register, you can:

  • Perform Revenue online services transactions
  • Access online information on your account

UI Online for Business (Wage Separation and WorkShare Transactions)

If you're an existing employer already registered for UI Online for Business, you can
access UI Online for Business using the same username and password to perform the following transactions.

If you're a new employer, you need to register for UI Online for Business. Register now.

QUIK RESPONSE -- Complete Wage and Separation Forms (1062/1074) and/or Separation Pay Information

  • Use qUIk Response to provide Unemployment Insurance Request for Information (form 1062/1074/1074x) about former employees who have recently filed a claim for benefits. Separation Pay information may also be provided.
  • You will be notified at your email address on file when there is a new form 1062/1074/1074x that requires immediate attention to complete and submit prior to the deadline date. You may also be requested to provide separation pay information about former employees.

Apply for WorkShare

  • With WorkShare, employees work reduced hours and their wages are supplemented by unemployment insurance benefits.
  • You can apply online, rather than completing a paper application.

Manage Your WorkShare Plans

Once you have decided to participate in WorkShare, you can submit your weekly forms for payments, and conduct other transactions online.