For Immediate Release - June 22, 2011


BOSTON - June 22, 2011 - The Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development (EOLWD) today announced that the Department of Career Services recognized several outstanding One-Stop Career Center employees for their work on behalf of veteran jobseekers. These employees, who include veterans' representatives, business service representatives, and job specialists, have made tremendous contributions towards getting veterans re-employed.

Last week, Lieutenant Governor Timothy P. Murray toured JobNet as a part of the Patrick-Murray Administration's Third Annual MASS Veterans' Tour and presented the Boston One-Stop Career Center with a Certificate of Appreciation for its outstanding work on behalf of homeless and disabled Veterans.

"It was great to visit JobNet and honor Massachusetts One-Stop Career Centers for their continued hard work to help Veterans re-enter the workforce," said Lieutenant Governor Murray, who chairs the Governor's Advisory Council on Veterans' Services as well as the Governor's Interagency Council on Housing and Homelessness. "By helping our military servicemen and women get back to work, these employees have made significant steps toward ending homelessness among those who have made sacrifices for our country."

The JobNet staff has worked tirelessly on behalf of homeless Veterans, forging a strong partnership with the New England Center for Homeless Veterans to create training opportunities and access to jobs that will lead to self-sufficiency for the neediest Veterans. JobNet has also focused on providing job training opportunities for those Veterans who have become disabled while serving their country. Through a long-standing collaboration with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs' Vocational and Rehabilitation Program, JobNet has established successful programs that link job training services and rehabilitation assistance for disabled Veterans. In addition to the recognition staff received at JobNet, the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development's Department of Career Services recognized eleven other outstanding One-Stop Career Center employees for their work on behalf of veteran jobseekers. Veterans' Representatives, Business Service Representatives, and Job Specialists have made tremendous contributions towards getting Veterans re-employed.

"I am proud to honor all of our staff who have worked so hard on behalf of the Commonwealth's Veterans," said Secretary of Labor and Workforce Development Joanne F. Goldstein. "The Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development is committed to serving Massachusetts' Veterans of every generation and all occupations. I encourage Veterans seeking work to visit the One-Stop Career Centers to work with the dedicated and experienced Veterans' Representatives for assistance and advice."

"I am impressed with the range of Veterans services offered through the state's One-Stop Career Centers," said Secretary of Veterans' Services Coleman Nee. "It is rewarding to see Veterans Representatives tackling everything from re-employment services to social media. These staff members are passionate and committed to our Veterans' needs."

The additional awards distributed recognize a diverse group of services across several regions in the state.

At the Plymouth Career Center, Michael Kelly has been recognized with an award for Innovation in Technology in Support of Veteran Jobseekers. Kelly, a former Navy recruiter and retired Chief Petty Officer, has spent the past fifteen years working to help fellow Veterans find civilian work. In his role as a Veterans Representative at the Plymouth Career Center, Kelly founded VetNet, a social network of Veterans from all branches of the military that helps Veterans train, search for and secure jobs. VetNet is unique in its concept as it is run by both the center and the veteran jobseekers. Kelly had the logo created by an unemployed veteran graphic designer and utilizes the skills of his veteran jobseekers in their networking community both on and offline, such as drawing on a marketing manager to teach the group about marketing themselves for employment.

At the Career Place in Woburn, Paul Reynolds has been recognized with an award for Integration with the Career Center System in Support of Veteran Jobseekers. Veterans Representative Reynolds works closely with the Career Place's business service unit and has developed strong relationships with the community's human resources professionals, recruiters and local federal contractors to find a wide range of opportunities for veteran jobseekers. Woburn's Career Place was recently honored by GI Jobs Magazine for its high-quality work on behalf of Veterans.

At Workforce Central , William Ryan, Larry Corbin, Hari Narayanan, John McCarthy and Diane Ramsay have been recognized with an award for Outreach and Collaboration in Support of Veteran Jobseekers. Workforce Central's team works successfully with the area's Veterans groups, organizations, and members to find the best opportunities for Central Massachusetts' veteran jobseekers. The center's partnering effort is a blueprint for Veterans programs across the Commonwealth. Each year, the Workforce Central team organizes two Veterans-oriented job fairs, routinely featuring over thirty employers. A recent Department of Labor/Vets site visit to Workforce Central highlighted the center's partnering capacity as a best practice. At the North Shore Career Centers, Thomas Frisello, Laurie Glynn and Stephen Mitchell, Charlene Snow have been recognized with an award for an Employment Partnership in Support of Veteran Jobseekers. The North Shore Career Center team has successfully built relationships with community employers on behalf of veteran jobseekers. Often, a Veterans Representative will accompany the career center's business representative to employer visits to discuss opportunities for Veterans. Sandy Bay Machine, Analogic, and Gorton's are among the companies now hiring Veterans because of the North Shore Career Center's extensive outreach. North Shore Career Center job specialist Stephen Mitchell developed an effective presentation for use by Veterans Representatives that demonstrates how the system can assist federal contractors in meeting their responsibilities. He is a valuable partner of the Gloucester Coast Guard Station assisting their transitioning service members with employment. The North Shore Career Center's Gloucester location is also the pilot location for participant employment standardization trial program in association with the Massachusetts Department of Veteran Services. Dedicated Veterans Representatives are available at Massachusetts' One-Stop Career Centers across the state to help Veterans transition to civilian work by developing comprehensive training programs to get back to work. For more information about the Veterans services offered at the state's One-Stop Career Centers, visit <u title="blocked::;L=5&amp;L0=Home&amp;L1=Workers and Unions&amp;L2=Job Seekers&amp;L3=Special Programs&amp;L4=Veterans' Programs and Services&amp;sid=Elwd"></u> . ###