Overview of Latest Extension Benefits

Federal Extension Benefits Update (01/28/14):  

EUC Benefits ended on December 28, 2013. This means that no EUC benefits will be paid for weeks after December 28, 2013 regardless of whether you would otherwise be eligible for continued weekly benefits or have a balance in your account. On that date, all EUC benefits will stop. You may be eligible for a new Massachusetts unemployment claim if you worked during the past year and earned enough wages to qualify under certain circumstances. Please go to www.mass.gov/dua to log into UI Online and file a new claim or call our TeleClaims Center at 617-626-6800 or 877-626-6800 (toll-free) to file a new claim or receive general information.

UI Benefits Loss

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Training Opportunities Program

If you need to acquire new skills in order to become re-employed, you may be eligible for the Training Opportunities Program (TOP). Since the period of extended benefits is over, you must apply for TOP approved training within the 15th compensable weeks.

What To Do If You Have Exhausted Your UI Extended Benefits

You may find this information helpful if you have received your last UI check or your extended benefits are about to run out.


If you have any questions, please call the TeleClaim Center.