Claimants receive a weekly benefit of approximately 50 percent of their average weekly wage, up to the maximum set by law. The current maximum benefit rate is $742 a week (effective October 2, 2016).

For example:  

If your average weekly wage was:                       Your maximum weekly benefit is:

                 $650                                                                      $325
                 $984                                                                      $492
               $2,000                                                                     $742
               $3,000                                                                     $742


The duration of benefits - the maximum number of weeks you would be able to collect benefits is determined by the total amount of your wages paid and the amount of your benefit rate. The maximum number of weeks a claimant can receive full benefits is 30 weeks (capped at 26 weeks when extended benefits are available). However, many individuals qualify for less than the maximum number of weeks. The maximum benefit credit amount is $22,260 which equals $742 a week for 30 weeks.