Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Claimant

As a claimant, it is your responsibility to request weekly Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefit payment and to keep us informed about your employment status. Failure to report employment and wages while receiving UI benefits may result in penalties and/or prosecution. You must also comply with other requirements, as indicated.

Work Search

Massachusetts General Law requires that you conduct an active search for work in each week in which you claim benefits.

Report Change in Employment Status

It's important that report any change in unemployment status, for example if you attend full-time training, are unable to work, travel outside the area, or have any earnings to report.  

Report to a Career Center on request

You are required to report to Career Center when receiving UI benefits.  Failure to do so may affect your eligibility to receive benefits. 

Pay Taxes on UI Benefits

Your unemployment insurance benefits are taxable.

Pay Child Support

If you have a current court order to pay child support, those payments will be deducted from your UI benefit payment.

Report Unemployment Insurance Fraud

There are several ways to report fraud - via online form, email, by phone, by mail or anonymously via our hotline.