You must report any changes in your unemployment status. 

  • Return to work: Once you return to full-time work, your eligibility ends. You do not need to call DUA but you must stop requesting weekly benefits. You cannot receive UI benefits after you have started work, regardless of when you get paid. 
  • Part-time work: If you get a part-time job while collecting UI benefits, report your earnings when requesting weekly benefits. You are allowed to earn up to 1/3 of your weekly benefit amount before any reduction is made to your weekly benefit payment.
  • Not able to work: You must inform DUA if you are sick, injured, attending school, travel outside of the area or are otherwise unable to work during any week for which you request benefit payment.


Updating Personal Information

If you move, access your UI Online account and update your personal information, for example, your address, telephone number, or email.  Alternatively, you may contact the TeleClaim Center for assistance.