Continue to request your weekly benefit payment

Whenever there is any question about your eligibility for benefits, you should continue to request weekly benefit payment using UI Online or TeleCert, although you may not be eligible to receive benefits at that time.

If there is a decision in your favor eventually, you will be paid only for those weeks for which you have requested benefit payments, and for which you have met all requirements of the law.

If the original determination is in your favor, you will begin to receive benefits. You should be aware, however, that if the determination is later reversed (following a successful appeal by your employer, for instance), you may be required to repay any benefits received to DUA.  

If you find new employment while you are waiting for your hearing, it will not affect your appeal. You should stop requesting benefit payment if you are employed full-time and continue to pursue your appeal for the weeks you were unemployed. If you begin part-time work, you should continue to request benefit payment.  If you are eligible for partial benefits after you win your appeal, payments will be issued to you.