The Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance (DUA) is committed to ensuring the security of your unemployment insurance claim and the privacy of your DUA records.

To make certain that you are the only person who can access your unemployment insurance (UI) claim by phone, you will be using a personal identification number (PIN) whenever you want automated information about your claim. 

You can use your PIN to access the following automated telephone services: 

  1. TeleCert at 617-626-6338:  request benefit payment each week.
  2. Payment Status Line at 617-626-6563:  verify information about your most recent payment, date of payment and amount.
  3. PIN Selection Line at 617-626-6943: change your PIN or create a new one, if you forget your PIN.

You can also access the Payment Status Line by calling the TeleClaim Center number: 1-877-626-6800 from area codes 351,413, 508, 774 and 978. Call 617-626-6800, from all other area codes.


Important information about your PIN

Your PIN means that no one else can obtain information on your UI claim. But you have to do your part, too.
  • Never tell anyone your PIN.
  • If you need to write it down, keep it in a private place. Do not identify it as the password for your UI claim.


  • Do not give your PIN to anyone including family members or friends.
  • No DUA staff member will know the PIN you have selected.
  • Never give your PIN to any DUA staff member.

How to create your PIN

  • When you call the PIN Service line 617-626-6943 you will be given step-by-step instructions to create your PIN, including answering the security question.
  • You will be using the keypad of a touch-tone telephone to do this. If you do not have use of a touch-tone telephone, you will not be able to create a PIN or use the automated claims information line.

    Please be aware that phones with QWERTY keyboard sometimes does not work when answering the security question. Instead, use a regular telephone.

Step 1: Enter the nine digits of your social security number.

Step 2: Enter the first four letters of your mother's maiden name.

  • If the name includes the letter "Q", use # 7.
  • If the name includes the letter "Z", use # 9.
  • If the name is less than four letters long, just enter only those letters.

Step 3: Create your PIN. It must be four digits.

  • Your PIN should be a number that you will easily remember. You will need it every time you get information on your claim.
  • But it also should not be a number that others can easily guess.
  • Avoid your birthdate, social security number, telephone number, your street address, etc.
  • Because they are used frequently, you may not use consecutive numbers such as 1234 or repetitive numbers such as 1111. They may be easy for you to remember. But they are also easy for others to guess.

Step 4: Re-enter your PIN. You will do this in order to confirm the number you have chosen. Be careful to enter the exact same number the second time.

You may change your PIN.

If you do forget your PIN or you want to select a new PIN you can do so by calling the PIN Service line at 617-626-6943.

You will need to have your social security number and mother's maiden name in order to select a new PIN.