Rate Schedule "C" is in effect for calendar year 2017. Taxable Wage Base is $15,000 for the 2017 calendar year.

  • New non-construction employer rate


  • New construction employer rate


  • Minimum rate


  • Maximum positive rate


  • Maximum rate


  • Solvency assessment


Workforce Training Fund Contribution

Workforce Training Fund rate is 0.056% for 2017.  This payment, which is in addition to the Unemployment Insurance contribution payment, is deposited in the Workforce Training Fund which is used to award grants to companies to provide workforce training and education programs for incumbent workers.

Workforce Training Fund contribution payments are not added to an employer's account balance for experience rating purposes, nor can they be deferred. Below is an example of the cost per employee for both contributions.


Cost per employee
Sample calculation and cost for an employer
Based on one employee earning $15,000 or more annually

Unemployment Insurance Contribution

Workforce Training Contribution
(Flat rate)

x .0406*
$ 609.00

x .00056

* One of 40 possible rates from table C

Annual Notices

Annual experience rate notices will be delivered to employers via their UI Online employer account using menu option “Correspondence”. The notices will contain both the Unemployment Insurance and Workforce Training Fund contribution rates.

Voluntary Contributions

Eligible Massachusetts employers can choose to pay voluntary contributions.

This program allows the state's businesses to manage their unemployment insurance costs by paying additional contributions in order to lower their rate and reduce their UI contributions for the forthcoming calendar year.