Schedule C effective for 2015
      SCHEDULE C  
       EFFECTIVE FOR 2015  
Positive Percentage  RATE
17 or more   0.73
16.0but less than17.00.83
15.0but less than16.00.94
14.0but less than15.01.04
13.5but less than14.01.25
13.0but less than13.51.35
12.5but less than13.01.46
12.0but less than12.51.56
11.5but less than12.01.67
11.0but less than11.51.77
10.5but less than11.01.87
10.0but less than10.51.98
9.5but less than10.02.08
9.0but less than9.52.19
8.5but less than9.02.29
8.0but less than8.52.39
7.5but less than8.02.50
7.0but less than7.52.61
6.5but less than7.02.71
6.0but less than6.52.81
5.5but less than6.02.91
5.0but less than5.53.02
4.5but less than5.03.13
4.0but less than4.53.23
3.5but less than4.03.33
3.0but less than3.53.44
2.5but less than3.03.54
2.0but less than2.53.65
1.5but less than2.03.75
1.0but less than1.53.85
0.5but less than1.03.96
0.0but less than0.54.06
Negative Percentage   
0.0but less than1.05.45
1.0but less than3.05.92
3.0but less than5.06.39
5.0but less than7.06.86
7.0but less than9.07.34
9.0but less than11.07.81
11.0but less than13.08.29
13.0but less than15.08.76
15.0but less than17.09.24
17.0but less than19.09.71
19.0but less than21.010.18
21.0but less than23.010.65
23.0or more  11.13

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