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Municipal Task Force Report Released

The Municipal UI Task Force is pleased to present its final report which describes the issues highlighted by municipal leaders as well as the group’s recommendations for addressing those challenges. The Task Force is confident that implementation of its suggestions, recommendations and legislative changes will result in better outcomes for municipalities, better management of municipal UI costs, and a better UI system for claimants and their public employers.

The Task Force was comprised of representatives from municipal, legislative and public sector union leadership as well as public representatives. We thank all parties involved in this effort for their willingness to engage in this complex and comprehensive review, and willingness to be solution-oriented.

Below you’ll find the report, which can be downloaded in two ways. Readers can either select to download the entire narrative and all of the attachments as one file or pick and choose which attachments they would like download to accompany the main narrative.

Municipal UI Task Force Report (with attachments) pdf format of Municipal UI Report
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 Municipal UI Task Force Report (no attachments) pdf format of Municipal UI Report (no att)
Municipal UI Task Force Report (attachments only) pdf format of Municipal UI Report (att only)
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Participating in the UI Program  pdf format of Participating in the UI Program
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Presentation to municipalities. 

On-call Firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians  pdf format of On-call Firefighters and EMTs

Advisory for on-call firefighters and EMTs.  

Revenue Extensions  pdf format of Revenue Extensions

Directory of Revenue Extensions.