For Claimants: Beware of Fake Websites for Filing Unemployment Claim

Please be aware of FAKE UNEMPLOYMENT FILING WEBSITES sites such as and, designed to steal your personal information or charge you a fee.  The ONLY legitimate place to apply for Massachusetts unemployment benefits online is UI Online, provided by the Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance.   
  • DO NOT enter your information if the website looks suspicious, asks for your credit card information or charges a fee.
  • DO contact DUA TeleClaim or send us an email if you are not sure of the website or need help to file your claim online. 


For Employers:  Beware of Phishing Emails

Please be aware of a scam to trick you to open a document, click on a link or reply to the email purportedly sent from The Division of Unemployment Assistance (DUA).  The email looks similar to a legitimate DUA email requesting employers to complete separation information for a former employee.

How you can differentiate between a legitimate DUA email versus a bogus email.

  • DUA email does not include any attachments.
  • DUA will never ask you to respond to an email requesting personal/business information, but rather instruct you to log into UI Online.  

  • DUA will always list out its full web address in an email.

Please be vigilant - these emails have a serious virus attached and opening or clicking on the link could infect your PC or network. If you’re not sure the email is from DUA, do not open or respond to the email.